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Can the wildlife be purchased or adopted?

- we do not allow our animals to be fostered or adopted. It is illegal in MS to possess wildlife if you are not licensed or a sub-permittee. They are only taken in by licensed rehabbers to be rehabilitated until they are capable of surviving on their own. Once they are, the animals are then released back into the wild.

How do I become a licensed rehabber?

- you will need to be trained under a licensed rehabber for at 2 years before obtaining your own license. For more information, please visit the MS Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries website.

Does CMWR need volunteers?

- We're currently unable to take volunteers at this time due to COVID-19. Once we're able to, we'll announce it on our Facebook.


We are currently unable to take birds or deer.

Please contact the MS Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries at 1-800-BE-SMART

*If this is a wildlife emergency, the fastest way to reach us is to call (601) 917-4788 or message us via Facebook!*